Next Steps Australia supplies Starter Packs of brand new manchester items to families affected by domestic violence when arriving at a refuge and transitioning from a refuge to private accommodation.

When escaping family violence, most survivors (overwhelmingly women and children) are forced to leave their homes with few possessions and no basic household items. We supply Child Starter Packs and Mother Starter Packs to families in need.

Our Starter Packs contain the basic manchester necessities for an individual including sheets, quilts, pillows and towels. All items are new. You can view the contents of our pre-packed Starter Packs here. The number of packs supplied to a family will be calculated according to the number of children a woman has in her care.

Our Starter Packs are distributed to families on an as-needs basis through our community partners in every state and territory in Australia.

From time to time, we supply sheet sets, single manchester items and other goods to refuges and organisations where there is a specific need.

The Cost

Basic manchester needs for one mother and a single child cost on average $600. If a woman has four children, these costs can easily exceed $1500. Often families will go without basic manchester requirements until they are in a more stable financial position. A Next Steps Australia Starter Pack will alleviate some of the financial pressure faced by a mother setting up a new home and will allow our community partners around Australia to apply their financial resources to their core objectives.

Domestic and family violence is the principal cause of homelessness for women and their children. Families fleeing domestic violence need safe accommodation and deserve a comfortable and welcoming home.

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